Q: Give me the basics about this project
A: First off, that wasn’t really a question, but we’ll answer it anyway because its pretty important. This NFT project is 10,000 Sloths hanging on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Sloth is uniquely and programmatically generated from over 100+ traits, including background, eyes, fur, mouth, hat/hair, clothing, and accessories.
Q: Not another PFP project, what makes this one unique?
A: Great question! We have taken a unique approach to rarity traits (which we will be releasing more details on in the coming days) and we believe our art speaks for itself. Additionally, we are partnering with the Sloth Conservation Society to donate a portion of all minting proceeds towards sloth conservation efforts in the real world. We also have a few surprises in store, but we can’t give everything away at once!
Q: What is the mint price? When will I be able to mint?
A: Each Sloth will be .045 ETH to mint. You will be able to mint soon… very soon.